Proclamation No. 1152/2019 Higher Education proclamation

Proclamation     Posted 2020-01-04


Higher Education Institutions have been enrolling and graduating students, there were weaknesses in terms of ensuring quality and relevance and satisfying public demands in producing required human capital. It has become necessary to create an appropriate legal framework to guide Higher Education Institutions in achieving their missions expected of them by the government and public as the previous proclamation is found to have shortages in its contents. It has become necessary to create an appropriate legal framework to ensure the quality and relevance of Higher Education Institutions, and ensure that are center of excellence in teaching, learning research and community service, and ensure that Higher Education Institutions give due attention and priority to nationally prioritization areas and lay governance system of transparency equity and accountability. It is necessary to provide bylaw that enable Higher Education Institutions to be competent in their mission achievement, providing graduates with required knowledge, skill, and ethics and ensures that institutional and academic freedom is exercised within the legal frameworks, it is necessary to amend the existing proclamation.

Proclamation     Posted 2020-01-06